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Terms of Use



A subscription is for one individual only. Since we cannot effectively police who logs into an account, we don't try to. We follow the principal of a library lending books to readers; a book can be used by only one reader at a time. You may share your account with your friends but only one of you will be able to log in at a time.

Tutoring Materials

Our materials are original and copyrighted. Do not download or print out materials and pass, sell, or otherwise distribute them to others.


Your academic outcome depends primarily on your own effort. Our tutoring services will be of no benefit to you if you do not make a serious attempt at solving the problems and reviewing and understanding the solutions. We do not make any guarantees regarding your academic performance.


You may subscribe to as many modules as you wish, as many times as you need.


There are no refunds or exchanges! Our product is the tutoring materials we have developed. We are selling you access to those materials. Once you access the tutoring materials, the transaction is over, the sale is complete. It is very important that you understand this point. Accessing the materials just once, even for one second, completes the transaction.

If you subscribe to a module in error, for example Finance I instead of Finance II, you may ask to have your subscription transferred. If you have not accessed the module, we will probably transfer the subscription in the interest of good customer service and the generation of customer goodwill. Still, it is best that you subscribe to the correct module in the first place. You guys are not children in elementary school. You are grown adults in college. You are not dumb! Subscribing to a tutoring module is not brain surgery. It is something you should be getting right on the first try.