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Business Smarts!

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Subjects and Modules


        Introduction to Financial Accounting I
        Introduction to Financial Accounting II
        Intermediate Financial Accounting I
        Intermediate Financial Accounting II
        Managerial Accounting I
        Managerial Accounting II


        Introduction to Microeconomics
        Introduction to Macroeconomics
        Intermediate Microeconomics
        Intermediate Macroeconomics
        Monetary Policy
        International Economics


        Principles of Finance
        Corporate Financial Management I
        Corporate Financial Management II
        Investment Analysis
        Investment and Portfolio Management
        International Finance
        Money and Banking
        Personal/Household Finance


        Introduction to Probability
        Introduction to Statistics
        Statistics I   (Hypothesis Testing)     (Date to be determined.)
        Statistics II   (Correlation and Regression)     (Date to be determined.)

Quantitative Methods

        Calculus I (Differentiation)     (Date to be determined.)
        Calculus II (Integration)     (Date to be determined.)
        Matrix Algebra
        Operations Research