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Legal Issues


What legal issues are raised by online tutoring?

Our material is original in that we do not lift or copy anything wholesale, word-for-word, or number-for-number from any published source. We are not infringing on anyone's copyrights.

We need you to do the same. Please do not download or print out our pages and sell them to your friends. That infringes on our copyright.

We do not make any guarantee about your grades or any academic result whatsoever. Your grade depends on your performance in your class and on your professor's evaluation of that performance. Our product, combined with your intellect and your effort, will improve your knowledge and understanding of the material in a course and that should lead to better performance in your class and a higher grade.

The subjects we tutor are not sensitive to national security concerns. We do not tutor nuclear physics that might help someone build a nuclear bomb. We do not tutor chemistry that might help someone with explosives. We do not tutor biology thst might help someone use bacteriology or virology in a harmful manner.

The only nefarious use of the knowledge we impart that we can think of is related to the hiding of income and assets from legal or taxing authorities. However, that activity also requires extensive knowledge of the law. Business law is not a subject we tutor, so a subscriber cannot learn everything needed to engage in that activity from us.

We feel confident that there are no serious legal issues raised by our online tutoring activities.