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Frequently Asked Questions: General Nature


What courses are tutored?

The expertise of our retired professors is primarily quantitative and concentrated in business. We offer tutoring in undergraduate courses that are quantitative. This will include the subjects of accounting, finance, economics, statistics, and operations research.

How much of a course is tutored?

Your courses also have substantial theoretical components. We tutor the theory only to the extent it can be explained and demonstrated using numbers, symbols, or equations. Material the requires purely verbal explanations is omitted from our modules. So we don't tutor the subjects of marketing, human resource management, or business law.

Why are only business courses tutored?

Because that is our area of expertise. We do not have expertise in computer science, engineering, physics, mathematics, etc. despite those fields being highly quantitative. We may develop a module for quantitative methods in business. That would include topics such as the basics of differential and integral calculus, matrix algebra, logarithms and exponential functions, and their application to business problems.

Who can subscribe?

The beauty of the World Wide Web is just that - it is world wide! Anyone in the whole wide world who understands Standard English can subscribe to our service. You don't even have to be a student, though business students are our target market.

Tax tutoring is not offered. Why not?

Taxes are a very important part of business management and you need to learn about them. Unlike the other subjects we tutor, taxes are determined by elected municipal, state, and federal legislators. Taxes are subject to change with every election. Some of the material on federal income tax becomes obsolete every 2 years. We don't think we can keep up with that level of rapid change. In addition, taxes differ from one political jurisdiction to another. By that very nature taxes cannot be taught globally. In contrast, the mean and variance taught in statistics is exactly the same all the world over, in every country, in every language, and it is exactly the same today as it was 100 years ago and will be exactly the same 100 years from now as it is today.

Is graduate (MBA) tutoring offered?

No. Or at least not yet. We see substantial difficulty serving graduate students. Graduate degrees are specialized to a far greater extent than are undergraduate degrees. There is a much wider variety of courses and content across different MBA programs than across BBA and other undergraduate programs. That makes it very difficult to develop materials that will appeal to a broad spectrum of MBA students. There are far fewer MBA students than undergraduate business students and that lowers the profit potential. Still, some MBA students, especially those coming from non-business backgrounds, may find our materials useful for review purposes.