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About Us


Business Smarts is the brainchild of some retired business school faculty and a webmaster. The former professors provide the content. I try to present it nicely. Our service is not that of face-to-face tutoring. We tutor online through providing some theoretical background and explanation along with hundreds of problems with solutions and explanations.

Our primary motive for creating this site is to make money. We believe we can do that if we deliver value to our customers, college students. We believe our tutoring can help students deal with the rising cost of college and, in some cases, its falling quality. Many students work and have families and other responsibilities to tend to so time available for study is scarce. Our tutoring can help students study more effectively so they learn the same material, just as thoroughly, in less time. Many colleges are making greater use of part-time professors, adjuncts, to lower total cost. However, adjunct professors do not have the institutional resources, such as offices, to help in their teaching. Its quality can suffer, and the student loses. Some students may use tutoring to help manager a heavier course load. If your college lets you take 18 credits in a semester for the price of 12, then you have a good way to lower your total tuition costs. Our tutoring can help those students with extra courses.

Our goal is to help college students, YOU!, improve your grades so you will not have to repeat a course because you didn't get a high enough grade in it.

We have decided to not list the Ph.D. degrees the professors have, the prestigious institutions at which they earned them, or the universities at which the professors have taught. By themselves, the knowledge and accomplishments of others will not help you raise your cumulative grade point average. What counts is how clearly, completely, and understandably that knowledge is expressed to you, so you can raise your own CGPA.


Take a look at our sample modules. If they help you, then register and subscribe for a semester.


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